Avoid the spread… Close the lid & avoid public restrooms

Avoid the spread... Close the lid & avoid public restrooms
If you are venturing outside, plan to use your bathroom before leaving according to Colby Hall of MSN. Public restrooms are a place you want to avoid amid the pandemic, because COVID-19 can easily spread via oral-fecal transmission and some of the earliest coronavirus symptoms appear to be gastrointestinal. But it’s not just public restrooms. Bathrooms, in general, present a fertile environment for the spread of the contagion. As it turns out, the aerosolization of fecal matter when one flushes the toilet does spread the contagion. But everyone has to go to the bathroom, right? So what to do? Close the toilet seat before you flush the toilet! That abates the spread of anything that would come from the toilet bowl and great limits that would remain in the air for the next bathroom users. Poorly-ventilated indoor areas are also known to be risky places, so do yourself and others a favor and turn the bathroom fan on before you depart! - MSN.com