Nov 6 at 1:30 p.m.
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Dec 4 at 1:30 p.m.
Normal meeting place is at: At Aldersgate Methodist Church 8320 South St, Lincoln
Any Questions   Cell: (402) 310-3496 (text or voiceE-mail: lincolnostomy@gmail.com or onespot333@gmail.com

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We were honored to meet with the vice president of Ukraine's Ostomy Group June 7. What's it like to live with an ostomy in a war zone?  Check it out.

Lincoln Ostomy has strong advocates with UOAA

Advocacy is promoting what is important to you and persuading others to support your cause. The most convincing advocate for UOAA is the individual who can talk about a personal experience with their ostomy surgery. No one knows better than you what living with an ostomy is like. You can make a real impact on decision-makers and together we can drive change. Go to our Action Center for ways that you can get involved at the grassroots level. https://www.ostomy.org/advocacy/

Ostomies and the Cornavirus

The ostomy community is understandably very concerned about how the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting their daily lives, health, support networks, and access to ostomy supplies.

In this time of great uncertainty, UOAA recommends all individuals consult with their own primary care physicians with questions concerning their risk factor or if they exhibit any symptoms. Please follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website for actual up to date information. We recognize that many people living with an ostomy or continent diversion are older people and those with chronic disease and are therefore at higher risk of developing serious illness. Please also see CDC guidelines for people at risk.

UOAA is also hearing from many Affiliated Support Groups who have prudently decided to cancel their upcoming meetings. Members should expect that their meetings will be canceled for the foreseeable future. Affiliated Support Groups are each independently run and members should contact their local leaders if they have any questions about their meetings. Community guidelines are also available from the CDC to assist leaders in deciding steps they should take to address public health concerns.  READ MORE


  • President Denise 402-464-7544
  • Visitation Denise 402-464-7544
  • Vice President Sally L.
  • Secretary Beverly 402-525-9271
  • Treasurer Val 402-489-7709
  • Communications John 402-310-3496

One-on-one visitation

LOA provide an ostomy visitors program which offers one-on-one support by a trained certified visitor. Visits can be made in person to the hospital, home or by telephone to answer initial concerns of the new patient. A visitor serves as a positive role model for a new ostomate. Call Sally at 402-419-8817.

Ostomy Support

The Lincoln Ostomy Association meets at 1 p.m. the first Sunday of most months, location announced above.  Meetings are gateways to the community, education and supplies needed by those with ostomies in the Lincoln area.

Ostomy Education

Questions occur as a new ostomate plans their first activities. Can you go back to work? Ride your bike? Will everyone figure out you’ve had a surgery just by looking at you? View the latest products and techniques to help your journey as a Nebraskan with an Ostomy.

Ostomy Products & Services

Lincoln is blessed with great home health suppliers and medical professionals. Some accept Medicare, but it's best to call ahead. Shop local, but also consider online companies which provide everything from clothing to stoma care products.

Update your address book

Triumph Home Health Supplies has moved from Cornhusker Highway to 3838 N 63rd St., Lincoln, NE 68507.  Thanks to Triumph for supporting our newsletter the Lincoln Ostomy Association Sparrow!


Lincoln reaches out to rural Nebraska

Did you know the Lincoln Ostomy Association is building resources for fellow ostomates outside Lincoln and Omaha?  If you have a suggestion for additional information for the LOA or Western Nebraska website, email lincolnostomy@gmail.com.  Check our Western Nebraska Ostomy resources here.


We'll walk with you through ostomy journey

Lincoln, Nebraska Ostomy Association provides tools for ostomates.  According to Mayo Clinic, it takes time to be comfortable with an ostomy.  Connecting with community can help.

Due to challenges with coding, determining number of people with ostomies can be tough, but a report by the United Ostomy Association estimates that 500-800,000 people have a stoma in the U.S. and 120,000 new surgeries are performed each year.

You can do many of the same activities you enjoyed before your colostomy or other ostomy surgery.

You can ask questions that you might be embarrassed to ask your doctor or nurse. And you can get tips to help you adapt to life with an ostomy.



Next Step: ostomy support...

The best way to connect is through our monthly meetings. Otherwise Lincoln, Nebraska Ostomy Association members are happy to offer more confidential support. Email lincolnostomy@gmail.com.

Proud affiliate of the United Ostomy Association of America

Questions?  lincolnostomy@gmail.com