Local nurse Lif creatively cares Most who know Ann Lif, MSN, RN, CWOCN, know the care and professionalism she brings to the ostomy community. Ann shared a creative solution to serve her patient during the pandemic: “I had a patient wiht an ostomy who had poor memory. They were in a memory care facility. The spouse would do pouching for the patient because the staff lacked knowledge. No visitors were allowed inside the facility so staff had to change the pouching system. Using a secure email, the spouse sent me a photo of the parastomal skin from the facility staf. The skin was denuded. I did a telephone consultation and emailed a plan of treatent. I also set up an education plan for the staff to follow using industry samples and online videos. After a week, the staf sent me another photo and it was healed.” Typically, I would instruct over the phone and set up a follow-up appointment in our Ostomy Clinic. I also have been sending patients to the LOAA website (