Positivity effective

On average, people with positive thinking average a lifespan of 10 years longer than those with negative thoughts. This is due to a culmination of all of these physical benefits that allow you to enjoy improved health and physical function longer into your golden years.


“On a personal aspect, I try to practice at least once or twice a day the “two second gratitude.” It is as simple as being consistently grateful of the first sun rays of the morning, or the green light turning on while you were going to put the foot on the break to slow down at the traffic light. On a professional level, I try to acknowledge the incremental steps of a project. I am presently grateful for the 60+ individuals that are participating in our study to understand the digestive microbiome of the ostomates. Keep safe. Keep smiling.”


Nobody wants to have to tolerate pain, but there are times where you might not have a choice. Let’s say you overdo it on that new workout fad and you wake up barely able to move. With positive thinking, your mindset reduces the focus on pain and discomfort.


“Having a positive attitude is tremendously important for getting through difficult situations. Challenge will present itself in our jobs, our health, our relationships, and our lives in general – it’s inevitable. It is up to us to decide how we will respond to those challenges as they come. When you’re able to keep a positive attitude, you’ll be better equipped to handle or deal with those challenges when they come.

Having an ostomy is a great example: it may seem like something to be negative about, but it’s also something that facilitates living a life free of chronic pain for a lot of people. It can be viewed as a tragedy or an opportunity – I personally prefer to see it as an opportunity. Another example that comes to mind in my own life are injuries with running. I run A LOT, and with that comes the occasional injury. It can be really depressing when an injury comes along and derails months of hard work or prevents me from getting to the starting line for a goal race – but injuries are also a sign of an area in my training that needs improvement. Was I running too much? Does my technique need some re-tooling? Do I need to work on my strength in a particular area? By identifying the reasons something negative happened (injury), I’m able to find opportunities to improve myself later on.”


Social perception of people is so important in today’s world of social media where “image is everything”. If you are perceived as positive, society will place a higher value and level of respect on your decisions, opinions, and overall level of interaction. Whether you are working in a corporation or business for sales or you are an individual striving to make your mark on the world, here’s how positive thinking can help you do that:


“The ostomy community can be a difficult population in regards to emotional wellbeing. They have all had something major happen in their lives requiring the ostomy. As they go through different phases of the adaption process, they need a good support system. It is very important for me to be there for them and offer support and services as they travel through all of those emotional phases. The power of positivity is so important for them no matter what phase they are in. I always hope that some ostomates who have adapted will then be able to share positivity to other or newer ostomates who are in need of support.”


Self-esteem is a natural by-product of positive thinking. If you think positively, then you will have more confidence in yourself and in the situation you are in. And, again, people are attracted to people with a healthy dose of self-esteem. Just make sure to keep your self-esteem in check before it turns into arrogance and you lose those people you lead.


With positive thinking comes more social awareness and better-coping skills. People make better decisions with such things as drinking, exercising, and eating better. They are more socially aware of their actions and how they are perceived. They are less likely to give in to social pressures that aren’t good for them. Their decision-making skills are more detailed and objective and geared to a better overall outcome for everyone involved. Stress goes down as more and more positive things happen for you. Your overall health is now increased and you feel better than ever. And when something happens that affects your health, you are now able to cope and heal faster than before.


Relationships are perhaps the most difficult thing in life for many people to master. But studies show that people with a positive outlook not only find their perfect partner but stay married longer. You can also put those interpersonal skills to good use in the workplace by forging positive relationships with coworkers and potential clients.


People who have more positive thoughts have an overall better love for life. They are often more socially outgoing, interacting with people and their community, and enjoying their environment and surroundings to the fullest. Thanks to all our members, nurses and product partners who shined some smiles for this article.