Beatrice, meet Makayla

The Beatrice Community Hospital Wound and Ostomy clinic opened in May 2018. “We always had those services available at our facility; however, the official clinic with the appropriate trained and dedicated staff opened at that time” said said Makayla, Wiese, APRN-FNP, CWOCN.

“This dramatically increased the care options and availability for ostomates in our community.”

Describe what you do in Beatrice that would be of interest to readers

The Beatrice Community Hospital Wound and Ostomy clinic has approximately 150-180 visits per month. This includes both wound and ostomy related visits. In relation to ostomy care, we primarily use Hollister products but have the capability of using any brand. I am always looking for new and updated products and procedures that go along with evidence based medicine. We are constantly growing and expanding our options. What I love most about our clinic is being in a small community and having the ability to give our patients a lot of time and attention. I also work very closely with each patient’s primary and/or specialty providers that are involved in their care.

Why did you decide to focus on ostomy (WOCN)?

I elected to obtain my wound, ostomy and continence certifications (trio) because I think it is important to offer as many services as possible. I am the only provider for the Beatrice Community Hospital Wound and Ostomy clinic so it is important for me to offer all that I can for my patients. All of the services truly go hand in hand. It is surprising how many patients I have with both a wound and an ostomy. It is nice for the patients to get services for both all in one location.

Anything personal you’d like to add?

I have always had a passion for ostomy and wound care. That is what drove my desire to start a Wound and Ostomy clinic at The Beatrice Community Hospital. There were patients in need and Lincoln is often too far for them to drive. I live in Filley, Nebraska so it is a dream come true to be able to provide these services and remain close to home. My husband is a farmer and we have two children ages 1.5 and 4.5 years old.

Makayla Wiese, APRN-FNP, CWOCN Beatrice Wound & Ostomy Services | Beatrice Community Hospital & Health Center P.O. Box 278 | 4800 Hospital Parkway | Beatrice, NE 68310 Office: 402-223-7218